Remove White Space with Smiley below your Footer – WordPress

I think most you must have faced the same problem with WordPress blogs that somehow tend to show up the messy white space with a horizontal smiley below your footer which makes the whole template go berserk. I wasted a lot of time searching for the right solution, but found none on the web. I finally found the reason why this silly problem persists on one’s WordPress Blog.

This is the reason that WordPress states for displaying that horizontal smiley below your footer creating a void space – ” The image helps collect stats and makes the world a better place but should still work when hidden Smiley face “. Now coming to the removing part, first of all the default Jetpack that comes with the WordPress Blog is responsible for this, so follow the below steps to remove this blank space.

Steps to remove white space with smiley

  • Open the Dashboard of your site and click on Jetpack and select the Jetpack option.
  • Now select the Stats option and click on the Configure button.
  • Now check the button that says Hide the stats smiley face image and click on Save configuration to complete this process.

If you are facing any problems using this method then please don’t forget to mention it in the comments section below.