Google Adsense Approval Tricks & Do’s and Don’ts!

With every coming day the approval of Google Adsense is getting tougher, so I decided to take an insight into all the things you need to know about getting your site or blog approved for the best Adsense available out there.

Minimum steps to get approved by Google Adsense 2013 – Stage 1

  • Register your site or blog a domain name with a .com or a .org or a .net etc.
  • Make sure you have an e-mail that looks like this:
  • Make sure you have atleast 20 posts with original quality content, that is well formatted.
  • Should have atleast 100-200 visitors per day 2 days before submission of your blog(This you can make sure that you drive visitors from Social Networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc).
  • Minimum website registration time is 2 days on an average before submission to Google.
  • Don’t include any age restricted content on your site as Google Adsense strictly prohibits doing this.

These steps will make sure you qualify for stage 1 of Adsense. After stage one you will see this once you login to your Adsense account,
“Your application is still being reviewed. You will see only the background of your web page instead of live ads until your account has been fully approved.”

Google Adsense 2013 – Stage 2

  • You will have to create an ad-unit and copy paste the code of the ad-unit that you have created into your website or blog.
  • Google will take a maximum of 2-3 days time to crawl and go through your site after you finish the above step.
  • Make sure you do not ask your users or viewers to click on your ads as google doesn’t support any word stronger than ” Our Sponsors ” for their ads.
  • Make sure your content is oriented to the particular field of interest that your registered domain name suggests.
  • After your account passes the stage 2 then only the Red banner will be removed from your adsense account.

After following the above steps you should have been approved my Google Adsense Program.


  • Link your google adsense account to your Youtube account if you have you video to upload for your viewers.
  • Create your google custom search engine for your site, then link your adsense account to it with your publisher-id and display ads above the search results.
  • Using the word ” Sponsors ” above your ads will help upto an extent.
  • If you have any Android Applications then you can link them to your adsense account.
  • Use the same adsense code for your other sites that comply with the Google Adsense Policy.


  • Do not click and do not ask your users or viewers to click on yours ads anywhere on the Internet, as google will disable your account for violating their rules of agreement by banning it.
  • Do not take a picture of your google adsense account with the publisher-id visible and post and share it.
  • Do not post abusive posts or adult content.
  • Do not do anything that violates the License of agreement with google.


Quick Adsense Tricks & Why you shouldn’t opt for them in the long run

There are many third-party sites out there that get you can Adsense account in no time, but using that for your website results in a success rate of 0.5% in the long run. The sites are docstoc, bharatstudent, etc. For example, uploading a few documents and sending your account for approval through docstac seems like an easy process to get approved, but that account will only stay alive for a few days. For it to stay alive you will hvae to keep contributing regularly to the site you registered by uploading your documents regularly which is a painful task when you start earning through Adsense.

You can buy Adsense account for as low as 5$ on the Internet through websites like, where you will just have to type in “adsense account “(the other keywords wont work as I have already tried them). Then select the user you find with the best ranking and highest reputation and recent comments on his work and pay him through paypal. They will guarantee you an approved Adsense account in 1 day as they use the same method that is mentioned above.

Learn how to link your Adsense account to your YouTube account.