CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to Resume, FIXED!

CPU Fan Error
A lot of people might have experienced the same boot error mentioned here in this post.
” CPU Fan Error!
Press F1 to Resume

This could be caused by a few issues.
If this is the case, we have to agree with the BIOS message, and face the sad truth that our fan might be broken, it can also be the fan header on the motherboard itself. To test this, try connecting your fan to another port, if the fan spins, it is probably the connector on the motherboard. If it does not spin, you will probably have to buy a new fan.
If the fan is spinning, and you are certain the fan is connected to the right socket. You should consider the following things:
    (a) If the problem came out of no where, the fan might have collected a lot of dust, making it hard for the fan to get up to speed during boot.
    (b) If the problem started after some meddling with the hardware, the problem could be like (a), but it could have made a change in the BIOS. Eg. Most ASUS motherboards require 600 RPM during boot, for INTEL and 800 RPM for AMD. This could easily have been decreased without you noticing it.

To rectify this problem, you should open your BIOS settings and go to something like a “Hardware Monitor” section, in the BIOS settings, or where
ever, you can find CPU fan speed settings. The CPU Fan Speed might say “N/A”, change this to ignore. Which will make the motherboard ignore the current RPM of the CPU fan during boot.

In some cases you will be able to also Disable the CPU Q-Fan Control. However this might cause your fan to burst with full throttle all the time, and you will have to face a lot of unnecessary noise.

If you have anything to add then please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading.