Get more touchy with IE 11

As a part of Windows 8.1 preview, Microsoft has included the Internet Explorer 11 preview as well. In this preview release there have been major upgrades as far as the Touch Interface section goes. The new Internet Explorer promises a better touch performance, faster page load times, a continuous browsing experience across your Windows devices, and completely rebuilt F12 developer tools.

Check the  compatibility of your Browser with the Levitation demo here.

Immersive Browsing

It also promises a fast user experience with as many tabs open as you want. The speciality of this new updated version is that you can have side-by-side browsing, i.e., while viewing your favourite site you can also view Windows Store apps. IE11 adds support for accessing tabs open across your devices, kept in sync through the cloud with SkyDrive.

Touch Optimized

Best browser touch responsiveness and battery life on Windows devices:
Using gestures such as panning, zooming, and swiping, the Internet Explorer 11 produces “Stick to your Finger” touch responsiveness using the GPU. It also priortizes work by prefetching content in the background.

Touch optimized address bar: Get to your most frequently used sites quickly, always fresh and up to date with the browsing you do across all your devices.

As many tabs as you want: Up to 100 tabs per window, with independent tab suspension for efficient use of memory and battery, and faster switching with tabs that are there when you need them, out of your way when you don’t.

More beautiful, touchable favorites: Full support for Favorite sites with folders and custom tile pictures that are more personal and always stays in sync with the desktop and across all your Windows 8.1 PCs.

Swipe for Browsed Pages: Now you can swipe forward or backward to go the previous page and forward page. This feature will be most appreciated by all.

Support for Next Generation Sites & Apps

Check your Browser’s compatibility with the above site here.

Developers can build next generation experiences with professional-quality Web video, and hyper-fast 2D and 3D Web technologies that make the most of the underlying hardware.
Few other major improvements in this aspect are:

  • Create live site tiles in the Windows 8.1 Start Screen.
  • Modern Web development is easier.
  • Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics.
  • The existing Web continues to work – even better.
  • Enable professional-quality video experiences on the Web.
  • Build Windows apps that deliver world class Web content.

So, if you want to see this for yourself, then you must download and install Windows 8.1 Preview from here.