YouTube Monetization Disabled ?

Is your YouTube Monetization Disabled? then, it may be due to any of the three reasons delineated below.

Monetization Reviews

If you do not own the rights for the video that you have just submitted for monetization review, then your account might be next in line for disabled monetization. If you repeatedly submit such videos then you are bound to get banned from monetization. You will never get back the ability to monetize your videos on YouTube using the same Adsense account.

Banned Adsense Account

If your Adsense account is banned due to invalid click activity or any such thing then you will lose your ability to monetize YouTube video using that account.

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Community Guidelines

If you receive multiple Community Guidelines strikes, copyright strikes and/or worldwide Content ID blocks, you may lose the ability to monetise your videos on all the accounts linked to your AdSense account. All of your accounts must be in good standing to regain monetisation after six months. Note that account monetisation may still be disabled if you delete the blocked videos.

If you have any doubts regarding this, then please feel free to leave a comment below.