Saving money in online shopping

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Sales Taxes

To save money when shopping online, try to buy things from sellers from out of state. This way you won’t be charged sales tax on those. For example,

  • Amazon – Try checking out other sellers selling the same product at the same price from different states when buying a product. Not all products are available this way.
    other sellers amazon
  • You won’t need to pay sales tax when buying products from sites like if you live outside New York state.


Buying during big sales, like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday can save you a lot of money on products from many categories ranging from technology to clothing.


Try to search for any coupons or promotions going on in the site that you are ordering your merchandise from. I usually use to check for any coupons.


Try to order with a credit card that has a higher cashback value, this way you can buy some time to pay the bill and also get some cashback value. These typically range from 1% to 1.5%, but varies from company to company.


Compare the overall price that you are paying across multiple sites like, amazon, ebay, google express, target, walmart, costco, jet.