Take a Screenshot in Windows 10

Capturing screenshots is absolutely one of the most important features in any operating system. It has become the need of hour because often you need to discuss about any app or feature in your device and you can easily discuss about it if you take screenshots of your desired app. Users of Windows 8.1 can also capture screenshots easily by using various methods to screenshot in windows 8.1, here you will find a quick way to take screenshots in Windows 8.1.

Steps to Take Screenshots in Windows 8.1

Actually there are 2 way in which you can take screen shot of  your desired app

  • METHOD 1:  By pressing the button “PrntScr” that is located on your keyboard
  • METHOD 2:  By hold windows key & print screen key at a time


STEP 1: First, you need to open the app or the feature you want to capture.

STEP 2: Now you need to press the button “PrntScr” that is located on your keyboard in the very first row.

STEP 3: Now you need an app to save this screenshot such as Paint or any other app like that. Open Paint &  press CTRL + V  to save this                               screenshot.


This method is very simple , no need to follow any steps, what you have to do is hold WINDOWS KEY + PRTSCR  key to take a direct screenshot. It will appear in your MY PICTURES of your windows 8.1.

NOTE: When you hold down WINDOWS KEY + PRTSCR  key together the screen turnout to black & when you unhold them screen turn to normal , this means it took screenshot of the current screen.

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