Earn money from YouTube: How to link your Adsense account to Monetized videos

Monetizing your videos on YouTube is one part of starting your earning process, whereas linking your Adsense account to it is another. You can monetize your videos but you need a working(fully activated) Adsense account to earn money from YouTube content owned by you.

Make sure you already have the following

  • YouTube account
  • Monetized videos
  • Approved Adsense account


  • Your uploaded videos need to have original content that is completely owned by you including the audio.
  • You should have a minimum number of subscribers.
  • Your account needs to be active for a particular period of time.

Once you get options to monetize your videos, all you will need is an Adsense account that is already active. Note that you wont be able to make much money unless you have a lot of subscribers and are getting a lot of regular views on your channel.

Linking Adsense to YouTube

Now coming to the second part, go to monetization in YouTube account and click on Add an Adsense account and associate your Adsense account with your YouTube account as shown below or if you have already associated an account and want to change it, then also it is feasible.

The money earned by this type of Adsense is nothing but the “Hosted Adsense” earnings that is displayed in your Adsense account Dashboard. It also includes a Blogger blog and it’s earning if you have one linked to your Adsense Publisher ID.

To learn how to get your Adsense account approved click here to read this.

If you have any queries then please feel free to ask me in the comment section below.