5 Golden Rules to follow while monetizing YouTube videos

Monetize YouTube VideosMaking money out of YouTube videos is how thousands of people make money online. While doing so they might come across problems like their account being suspended or being disabled for monetization for one or more of the following reasons:

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  1. Never re-submit over and over again for a monetization review or else this will lead to disabling of monetization for your account. Note that if your account if disabled for monetization then all the accounts associated with that account will be disabled too untill 6 months. Deleting the claimed videos will not help in this matter.
  2. Do not file a counter notification if you do not own that video as this may lead to legal troubles.
  3. Do not make false claims in the proof that is required for monetization as this will directly lead to your account being disabled for monetization.
  4. Delete content ID claimed videos as this will lead you to be in a good standing in that section of your account features.
  5. Remove audio that is copyrighted from your videos by going to the Audio section in the edit option of Video Manager and this will help you to monetize that video again.

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