Megalist of Hostnames for different Hosting Providers

Here is a list of different hostnames for different Hosting providers to establish a database connection in your hosting account. Almost all online software installations today like WordPress, Drupal, require a database connection.

Hosting CompanyDatabase Hostname
AN Hostinglocalhost
Aruba.itlocalhost or real IP provided with activation mail.
A Small Orangelocalhost
GoDaddy – Shared and 4GH HostingIn the Databases menu go to MySQL. To the right of the database name click on Actions and Details. The hostname is at the bottom of the window.
GoDaddy – cPanel Hostinglocalhost
GoDaddy – Plesk HostingUse the IP address shown in the Databases Section in Plesk. Do not include :3306
Infomaniak Networkmysql.yourdomain
MediaTemple (dv)localhost
Rackspace Cloudlocalhost for unmanaged servers, variable for Cloud Sites like mysqlXY-AB.wcN.dfQ.stabletransit.comwhere X,Y,A,B,N,Q are variables Power
Hosts with cPanellocalhost
Hosts with Plesklocalhost
Hosts with DirectAdminlocalhost

Facebook for Windows 10

The official Facebook application for Windows 10 has been launched.

Supported processors

x86, x64, ARM

Download it here.

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5 Golden Rules to follow while monetizing YouTube videos

Monetize YouTube VideosMaking money out of YouTube videos is how thousands of people make money online. While doing so they might come across problems like their account being suspended or being disabled for monetization for one or more of the following reasons:

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  1. Never re-submit over and over again for a monetization review or else this will lead to disabling of monetization for your account. Note that if your account if disabled for monetization then all the accounts associated with that account will be disabled too untill 6 months. Deleting the claimed videos will not help in this matter.
  2. Do not file a counter notification if you do not own that video as this may lead to legal troubles.
  3. Do not make false claims in the proof that is required for monetization as this will directly lead to your account being disabled for monetization.
  4. Delete content ID claimed videos as this will lead you to be in a good standing in that section of your account features.
  5. Remove audio that is copyrighted from your videos by going to the Audio section in the edit option of Video Manager and this will help you to monetize that video again.

If you have any queries regarding this then, please leave a comment below.


How to get your suspended YouTube account back


Click on the link below to start your process. You will need to provide your suspended YouTube E-Mail Account and your contact E-Mail Address.

Claim Now


You will receive an E-Mail from them stating the reasons for suspensions.


Your reply stating reasons why you think they made an error in suspending your account must be E-Mailed to them.

Note: Accounts that were terminated citing reasons like Copyright Strikes only, can be claimed using this process. This process is pretty easy and may take around 1 or 2 months time to complete successfully.


Setup CloudFlare into your WordPress Site in 5 Easy Steps

These days each &  every blogger keep trying to improve the loading time of his blog in order to provide a better user experience. So, cloud computing comes into picture here as  CloudFlare which is uesd to  protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of its community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network.

CloudFlare typically loads twice as fast, uses 65% less server resources, saves 60% of bandwidth and has an additional layer of security. Hosting Providers get reduced server load, bandwidth savings, mitigation of DDoS attacks and and IPv4/v6 gateway.

Follow the steps below to get started using CloudFlare :

1.  You must have an account of CloudFlare. Add a Website in your CloudFlare account, after the 60 seconds testing DNS, it’ll ask you to add the missing DNS records.

2. You can find out the missing DNS records by going to cPanel > Advanced DNS records

3.  Find out the missing records and add them in your CloudFlare account.  After adding the missing records, just click the button says ‘I’ve added all missing records’,  choose pricing plan for your CloudFlare account and click the button ‘Continue’.

4.  Now, finally update your domain nameservers in your Godaddy, Hostgator or anywhere you bought your domain from, we use hostmantis and here is what we have to do with nameservers.


5.  Login to your DNS provider. (e.g Godaddy, Hostgator, or any other), replace your nameservers with CloudFlare nameservers.

That’s it. After updating the new nameservers of CloudFlare just wait for about 24 Hours, check for the site performance.

Till now one part of work is completed, now login into your wordpress site & activate the  CloudFlare CDN plugin.

Steps to Setup the CloudFlare CDN plugin

1.  Download, Install, and activate the CloudFlare CDN plugin

2.  Go to Plugins > CloudFlare

3.  Enter the API key and add the email address that you used to sign-up at CloudFlare.

This is all you need to install and setup CloudFlare with your WordPress installation.