Reusable Responsive Contact Form using HTML 5 Web Components & Polymer

Download the files from git.
Run the install.php from your browser (Make sure your directory is writable by the web server you have installed).

contact form install

Open your web directory address in a browser and you should see a demo contact form. You can embed these contact forms by simply placing the following tag in your template anywhere to reuse the contact form.

Also make sure you include the following lines anywhere on the page where you want to use the contact form. Note that it is not necessary to include the Javascript files before you use the contact form tag, it works even if the code is loaded after the contact tag is loaded.



contact form



HHVM + WordPress Permalinks Issue Resolved

Once HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) is installed and running, you might have an issue that shows only the Homepage of your WordPress site and the other links lead to a 404 not found. This issue can be quickly resolved.

Open the HHVM proxy configuration file using your favourite editor with root privileges.

Add the following line to hhvm config file after editing the path to your WordPress installation. The following line of code assumes that the WordPress installation is in your root web directory.

Your HHVM proxy configuration file should look somewhat similar to this

Now restart the HHVM

This should take care of your permalinks issue.

The above HHVM proxy configuration file makes sure that all the php request are routed through HHVM. But if you want to route only specific php requests for a particular website or directory from your server to HHVM, then just add the config lines in your Virtual Hosts section of your apache configuration file. For example,


Just Upload – Transfer files without User Registration

Here is a small app that I have written to be able to send files to emails without user registration.



Implementing an ATM App using js

This is a simple ATM app that uses HTML 5, CSS3 & js.





Use Card Number: 9299455566667745
Pin: 1993